Smooth jazz mix artist Boney James' sound is ear candy. You can listen to any of his albums, and you will hear the distinctive sound coming out of that horn, and you will stop whatever you are doing and get lost in the moment.
Debuting as a solo artist in 1992, James has recorded 14 albums, which includes two Christmas albums and a collaboration with Rick Braun.
I first learned of Boney James with his album, "Seduction."  With songs like "Camouflage," "Light's Down Low," "Washington Bridge" and the title track, "Seduction," I was instantly hooked listening to those grooves.  Couple that with the remake of the great "Sara Smile," you have the ingredients of a great album.
"Sweet Thing" was released in 1997, and immediately I was into the sound.  "Nothin'" But Love," "It's all Good," "Sweet Thing" and "After The Rain," a track that is featured in a silky smooth jazz mix is vintage Boney James.
In 1999, "Body Language" hit the streets, and I was immediately intrigued, as "All Night Long" was the track that immediately stood out.  "Boneyizm" is an interesting track because the drums are hitting hard, almost like an 808 beat.  When you play it on a big system, you feel what I am talking about.  The track, "I'll Always Love You" features the group Shai....I am pretty sure you remember them!
His next three albums, "Shake It Up, "Ride," and "Pure" continue with the grooves that we have grown accustomed to.
"Send One Your Love" gives you more of the great music, but this time, we have more great remakes.  With "Send One Your Love," "Stop, Look, Listen," "I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby," and "I'll Be Good To You," these songs demonstrate how jazzy remakes should be done.
"Contact" has a different take because it is vocal heavy.  With guest vocalists like Donell Jones, Letoya Luckett, Heather Headley and Mario, this is an album that could very well be played on R & B radio.
"The Beat," was released in 2013 and it does not disappoint!  The guests that appear here are Rick Braun, Raheem DeVaughn and the Floacist.  They deliver great performances all around.  One think I need to mention is not forget about "Sunset Boulevard" because that is Boney James at his best!
Boney James has the grooves that lend well to the long smooth jazz beat mixes that appear at  These mixes are perfect for a party, dinner music, or just relaxing with a glass of wine.

Check it out!