Hot Jazz For June 28, 2015

We will be updating the hot smooth jazz charts weekly here on Claire Martin Jazz!  This is important because we want to keep you informed on the latest jazz tracks.  The smooth jazz genre has taken a hit lately due to the large communication companies that own radio stations, have slowly decreased the number of jazz stations on the dial.  The internet is now our best chance to keep the music out there.  There are a number of outlets on the web that cater to this genre, so hopefully they will continue to keep up the momentum that we all have built over the last couple of years.
The major artists, Boney James, Candy Dulfer, Norman Brown, Mindi Abair, Peter White, the Rippingtons and Cindy Bradley will always be heard.  It is the up and coming artists that need to be pushed so we can enjoy what they have to offer.
Check back with us every week, as we enjoy the top jazz tracks and the artists that create them!
Here are the top ten smooth jazz tracks for June 28.

Smooth Jazz Artist Profile Jason Carroll

Smooth Jazz Artist Profile Jason Carroll

Jason Carroll is a contemporary jazz producer who has worked with numerous artists and musicians in many genres of music. Originating from Wichita, Kansas, Carroll grew up in a musical home, beginning his journey as a drummer at the ripe age of only two years old. He would later take up piano under the instruction of his mother, the late Barbara Carroll, a classical pianist and artist. Soon afterward, he studied the bass and guitar and began experimenting with recording and arranging compositions in his late teens.

Not long after his experimentation phase, he grew to become more serious and figured that smooth jazz would be a canvass for him to express himself. The result was his debut album Cool, a unique smooth jazz album that grasped the attention of many smooth jazz fans.

Later, Carroll would complete his sophomore release, 2 Smooth, but the original master was wiped clan after a mix-up in the studio. Nonetheless, Carroll continued working on music and would later collaborate with the likes of David P. Stephens, Charlie Duran, Nathan Woodward, Isaac Byrd Jr., Jeff Gaeth, and other smooth jazz artists and musicians.

Today, Carroll produces for and collaborates with smooth jazz artists from around the country. His style of production is commonly held as versatile, being able to go from smooth and sultry to hip with effortless ability. His versatility and trendiness are what make him a sought after up-and-coming producer within the genre of smooth jazz. Many have inquired about the album that was never released. However, life isn’t without a sense of irony: Carroll has re-recorded the highly anticipated sophomore release 2 Smooth after realizing that an article writer had the only original master copy in the world. Carroll has released a total of three solo albums and has collaborated with artists on various projects and titles.

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Smooth Jazz album Review Futuresoul

Smooth Jazz album Review Futuresoul


Futuresoul, the new release by Boney James, is an example of why the genre “smooth jazz,” and websites for smooth jazz enthusiasts even exist.  When I think of smooth jazz as a whole, I see the music as a soundtrack  for your life.  It could be playing in the background for just about anything, be it driving in your car, having dinner, relaxing with a glass of wine, a gathering of friends, even cleaning your house.  The tempo of the music would vary, based on the activity, but the essence of the groove remains constant, meaning the groove will fit right into the pocket and enhance your experiences.
What I enjoy about Boney James and his music is the fact that he knows where he fits in smooth jazz and he continues to up the ante within his craft.  With each release, James takes his style and builds on it, so as you listen to his older work, you can hear that progression.  If you have been fortunate enough to attend one of his live shows, you already know what I am talking about.
It is not just smooth jazz, it is soul music at it’s finest.  You can take any of his tracks and add vocals to create an entirely different sound.  You cannot say that about many smooth jazz artists out there.  With this release, James features Stokley, the incredible singer from the band Mint Condition to give us “Either Way,” a track that could be a staple on R&B radio.  Stokley is a favorite of many smooth jazz artists, as he lends his vocals on many smooth jazz tracks.  This is a great track to expose individuals who are not into jazz, as it has a strong R&B feel.
The first single, “Drumline,” has that classic Boney James horn style, that breathy, scat-like arrangement.  Along with that funky baseline, and of course those college band drumline riffs, make it the perfect song to kick off the album.
Being a DJ, I pick up on certain aspects of different songs, and I must say James keeps his grooves downtempo, making it easy for Exotic DJ to drop these in the word famous Smooth Jazz Mixes.  I am certain that a track or two will appear in the Smooth Jazz Mix Series.
oney james will also be in concert this summer in a town near you!  You can find tickets for James and all of your favorite shows at

Smooth Jazz Mix Artist Boney James

Smooth jazz mix artist Boney James’ sound is ear candy. You can listen to any of his albums, and you will hear the distinctive sound coming out of that horn, and you will stop whatever you are doing and get lost in the moment.
Debuting as a solo artist in 1992, James has recorded 14 albums, which includes two Christmas albums and a collaboration with Rick Braun.
I first learned of Boney James with his album, “Seduction.”  With songs like “Camouflage,” “Light’s Down Low,” “Washington Bridge” and the title track, “Seduction,” I was instantly hooked listening to those grooves.  Couple that with the remake of the great “Sara Smile,” you have the ingredients of a great album.
“Sweet Thing” was released in 1997, and immediately I was into the sound.  “Nothin'” But Love,” “It’s all Good,” “Sweet Thing” and “After The Rain,” a track that is featured in a silky smooth jazz mix is vintage Boney James.
In 1999, “Body Language” hit the streets, and I was immediately intrigued, as “All Night Long” was the track that immediately stood out.  “Boneyizm” is an interesting track because the drums are hitting hard, almost like an 808 beat.  When you play it on a big system, you feel what I am talking about.  The track, “I’ll Always Love You” features the group Shai….I am pretty sure you remember them!
His next three albums, “Shake It Up, “Ride,” and “Pure” continue with the grooves that we have grown accustomed to.
“Send One Your Love” gives you more of the great music, but this time, we have more great remakes.  With “Send One Your Love,” “Stop, Look, Listen,” “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby,” and “I’ll Be Good To You,” these songs demonstrate how jazzy remakes should be done.
“Contact” has a different take because it is vocal heavy.  With guest vocalists like Donell Jones, Letoya Luckett, Heather Headley and Mario, this is an album that could very well be played on R & B radio.
“The Beat,” was released in 2013 and it does not disappoint!  The guests that appear here are Rick Braun, Raheem DeVaughn and the Floacist.  They deliver great performances all around.  One think I need to mention is not forget about “Sunset Boulevard” because that is Boney James at his best!
Boney James has the grooves that lend well to the long smooth jazz beat mixes that appear at  These mixes are perfect for a party, dinner music, or just relaxing with a glass of wine.

Check it out!