Smooth Jazz Artist Profile Jason Carroll

Smooth Jazz Artist Profile Jason Carroll

Jason Carroll is a contemporary jazz producer who has worked with numerous artists and musicians in many genres of music. Originating from Wichita, Kansas, Carroll grew up in a musical home, beginning his journey as a drummer at the ripe age of only two years old. He would later take up piano under the instruction of his mother, the late Barbara Carroll, a classical pianist and artist. Soon afterward, he studied the bass and guitar and began experimenting with recording and arranging compositions in his late teens.

Not long after his experimentation phase, he grew to become more serious and figured that smooth jazz would be a canvass for him to express himself. The result was his debut album Cool, a unique smooth jazz album that grasped the attention of many smooth jazz fans.

Later, Carroll would complete his sophomore release, 2 Smooth, but the original master was wiped clan after a mix-up in the studio. Nonetheless, Carroll continued working on music and would later collaborate with the likes of David P. Stephens, Charlie Duran, Nathan Woodward, Isaac Byrd Jr., Jeff Gaeth, and other smooth jazz artists and musicians.

Today, Carroll produces for and collaborates with smooth jazz artists from around the country. His style of production is commonly held as versatile, being able to go from smooth and sultry to hip with effortless ability. His versatility and trendiness are what make him a sought after up-and-coming producer within the genre of smooth jazz. Many have inquired about the album that was never released. However, life isn't without a sense of irony: Carroll has re-recorded the highly anticipated sophomore release 2 Smooth after realizing that an article writer had the only original master copy in the world. Carroll has released a total of three solo albums and has collaborated with artists on various projects and titles.

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