BVSC presents Ibrahim Ferrer is the second album from the series of records by artists who participated in the legendary Buena Vista Social Club sessions, an album which exploded around the world and is now the most succesful release in the world music genre. Apart from achieving enormous success an... [ read more ]
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m: Gideon King is a New York City boy. He was born and raised in the city. He is a composer, guitarist and producer and has worked with some of the finest musicians. He has been involved in projects which cover a range of music genres including pop, funk, jazz and fusion and has produced... [ read more ]
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O.K., so you're trying to build up a nice little jazz recording library for yourself and you want to be able to do it without breaking the bank or facing dirty looks from your spouse for blowing the vacation budget on the latest round of CDs. Well, this writer has been there and done that (including... [ read more ]
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No jacket required--no SUV or Ph.D., either... Jazz is intimidating. Now I know those of you who live and breathe jazz are probably shaking your heads in pity, but speaking for those who haven't been fully initiated into the mysteries of jazz, trust me--it's intimidating. Part of the problem is that... [ read more ]
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Let's Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain Alan Light 304 pages ISBN: 1476776725 Atria Books 2014 Musician Prince is one of the enduring enigmas of today's pop music. Throughout the years this eclectic, mercurial and prolific genius has dazzled, enraged and confused audiences and music cri... [ read more ]
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Jazz music is best appreciated with "big ears" and an open mind. Just as exposure to new music casts older, familiar works in a different light, newer formats can expand a listener's perspective on the strengths and limitations of the original recordings. SACDs, Blu-Ray discs and hi-res downloads ac... [ read more ]
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What is jazz? It is a state of mind, a spiritual quest for true unfettered artistic expression. A human expression of individual freedom, social freedom and love. Jazz is also about diversity. Diversity is important, isn't it? We expect it in our social lives. We demand respect and honoring in our s... [ read more ]
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After surviving a near-fatal marriage and returning once again to the Original Geniusdome, the site of some of my best work (remember that really funny thing I wrote about jazz that time?), I recently took some time to reflect upon my contributions to Our Music. As the Dean of American Jazz Humorist... [ read more ]
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No matter what the style where African-American influences and developments upon the modern music scene have been pervasive--work songs, ragtime, jazz, stride, and boogie-woogie, the most important contribution has been the Blues. The country Blues as heard by pioneers such as {{m: Robert Johnson... [ read more ]
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Daryl Hall and John Oates with special guests Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and Mayer Hawthorne Madison Square Garden New York, NY February 19, 2016 It was soul night at Madison Square Garden. The evening began with Detroit Soul-pop as supplied by Mayer Hawthorne. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings brought... [ read more ]
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Lisa Fischer and Grand Baton UCD Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, Jackson Hall Valentine's Day Davis, CA February 14, 2016 Grammy winner m: Lisa Fischer and m: Grand Baton put on a superlative show at the Mondavi Center For The Performing Arts located on the beautiful Univ... [ read more ]
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Keith Jarrett Carnegie Hall New York, NY February 9, 2016 Watching fans eagerly photographing a player-less piano, as if in hopes of visualizing forces only Keith Jarrett can translate at the keyboard, I couldn't help wondering what it was all for. Neither could he. Anticipations were nevertheless h... [ read more ]
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Euge Groove Yoshi's Oakland, CA February 5, 2016 Eclectic saxophonist m: Euge Groove (m: Tower of Power, Tina Turner, m: Bonnie Raitt) and his fantastic group performed to a capacity house during Friday's second show at Yoshi's Oakland. EG's outstanding band includ... [ read more ]
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Roy Ayers is Everywhere Yoshi's Oakland Oakland California November 27, 2015 The venerable vibraphonist m: Roy Ayers and his seasoned band performed during a sold out weekend at the East Bay's popular Yoshi's in Oakland's Jack London Square. The exuberant 75-year-old composer /musician op... [ read more ]
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Morality matters to all of us. We protest when we are robbed or defrauded. We praise heroes and heroines. We condemn moral monsters. We laud a Mother Teresa and condemn a Ted Bundy. We recognize good and bad habits. We rebuke those who do evil; we praise those who do good. We attempt to honor our co... [ read more ]
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The Jazz World Smooth Jazz Charts

Be sure to check out our friends at as they release their weekly jazz singles chart.
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Exotic DJ offers his Smooth Jazz Beat Mixes, generally regarded as the best in the business.  You can also find artist profiles, concert ticket information, and news from the world of smooth jazz.  Be sure to visit, and tell them Claire Martin sent you!

Lee Ritenour is a musical talent who approaches jazz as an artist does a canvas. He takes time to explore colorful arrangements within each song he records mixing various degrees of fusion, rock, blues, and funk based on the feel of the song. Ritenour has become a master of his own style in creating... [ read more ]
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Turn your dial to ABC Jazz this Christmas - we're featuring tracks with a jazz twist - from Miles to Ella to Scofield.

On Christmas week starting Monday December 21, we've got a playlist ripe with festive tunes. The track list includes some not-so-cheesy numbers from Don Burrows, Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald, Jimmy Smith, Bill Evans and even a version of 'We Three Kings' by Rahsaan Roland Kirk (aptly titled 'We Free Kings'). Also rolling around are some older classics transferred from vinyl.

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There are many reasons why you may have poor air quality in your home. Poor air quality can contribute to asthma, nasal congestion, nausea, fatigue and headaches. People who already suffer from infections are at greater risk.

There are an estimated 40 million people in the United States who are affected by allergies. The prevalence of pediatric asthma has increased by 72%, making asthma the sixth ranking chronic illness in the nation, and the leading serious chronic sickness for children.

What other pollutants can cause respiratory issues? Molds, pollen, and even animal dander can cause allergic symptoms. This can cause many undesirable consequences, such as, missing work, school or important life events.

The Hi-Tech Air Solutions air reactor will eliminate the causes for these respiratory issues. There are three models to choose from based on the size you need.

The smallest unit, model 101 is the best for use in a 1600 sq. foot or less space. The model 120 is designed for residential and commercial use for a space up to 2000 sq. feet. If you are looking for something larger, the model 110 will suit spaces up to 5000 sq. feet. All three models are made of stainless steel/hospital grade and the two larger models are on wheels for easy movement.

A trip around the web will offer numerous testimonials for this product, demonstrating how well it performs under various climates and circumstances.

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