Roy Ayers is Everywhere Yoshi's Oakland Oakland California November 27, 2015 The venerable vibraphonist m: Roy Ayers and his seasoned band performed during a sold out weekend at the East Bay's popular Yoshi's in Oakland's Jack London Square. The exuberant 75-year-old composer /musician op... [ read more ]
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Morality matters to all of us. We protest when we are robbed or defrauded. We praise heroes and heroines. We condemn moral monsters. We laud a Mother Teresa and condemn a Ted Bundy. We recognize good and bad habits. We rebuke those who do evil; we praise those who do good. We attempt to honor our co... [ read more ]
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The Jazz World Smooth Jazz Charts

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Exotic DJ offers his Smooth Jazz Beat Mixes, generally regarded as the best in the business.  You can also find artist profiles, concert ticket information, and news from the world of smooth jazz.  Be sure to visit, and tell them Claire Martin sent you!

Lee Ritenour is a musical talent who approaches jazz as an artist does a canvas. He takes time to explore colorful arrangements within each song he records mixing various degrees of fusion, rock, blues, and funk based on the feel of the song. Ritenour has become a master of his own style in creating... [ read more ]
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Turn your dial to ABC Jazz this Christmas - we're featuring tracks with a jazz twist - from Miles to Ella to Scofield.

On Christmas week starting Monday December 21, we've got a playlist ripe with festive tunes. The track list includes some not-so-cheesy numbers from Don Burrows, Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald, Jimmy Smith, Bill Evans and even a version of 'We Three Kings' by Rahsaan Roland Kirk (aptly titled 'We Free Kings'). Also rolling around are some older classics transferred from vinyl.

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